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Clean Feed Records is a jazz record label. The label was founded in 2001 in Lisbon, Portugal. The label's roster includes Ray Anderson, Tim Berne, Carlos Bica, Anthony Braxton, Mark Dresser, Ellery Eskelin, Peter Evans, Scott Fields, Fight the Big Bull, Charles Gayle, Dennis González, Mary Halvorson, Alfred Harth, Tony Malaby, Joe Morris, Caterina Palazzi, Evan Parker, Elliott Sharp, Ken Vandermark, and Otomo Yoshihide. Since 2006, the label has presented the annual Clean Feed Festival in New York, featuring performances by Clean Feed recording artists. It expanded its festivals in 2010 to include Chicago and cities in Europe. All About Jazz in 2009 rated it one of the five best jazz labels in the world for the last two years running.

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