Classic Bobby Hutcherson Blue Note Sessions 1963-1970

Bobby Hutcherson


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Classic Bobby Hutcherson Blue Note Sessions 1963-1970

Long-time Mosaic fans will know of our connection — professional and emotionally — to Blue Note Records. Our very first collection, just over 40 years ago, featured the complete Thelonious Monk Blue Note library, and it would be followed by retrospectives of many other Blue Note artists throughout our history. We view every opportunity to revisit that seminal label, lovingly remaster long-admired tracks, and discover hidden gems, as going home.

That time. That sound. Those groundbreaking musicians. None more significant to us, and to the development of music, than Bobby Hutcherson.

Hutcherson’s move to New York near the beginning of his career and at the outset of the 1960s could not have come at a more consequential time for the young musician, barely into his twenties, or for Blue Note, where a substantial group of musicians about his age were leading the music in new, freer, and more experimental directions.

In addition to being swept up in an era of change, he contributed to the evolution of the music through his compositions, and to the the use of vibraphone in jazz through his expressive, ringing tone and innovations in harmony and rhythm. Not only was he leading his own dates; he was a supporting player on dozens of others.

Bobby Hutcherson was a close personal friend to Michael Cuscuna. So it seems fitting that this was the final set that Michael produced before his passing. The set features 11 sessions on seven CDs that chart his development from a more mainstream approach at first, to a very rapidly emerging expansive style of writing and performing. The disks also feature many of the most important musicians of the era, on whose dates Hutcherson was a frequent participant.

The set is more than a compilation. It’s music history. And it’s a treasure.

His very first date as a leader for Blue Note was “The Kicker” in 1963, though it was held back and went unreleased until 1999, possibly because Joe Henderson on saxophone steals a lot of the thunder from the date’s purported leader. From his second session, “Dialogue,” his growing association with new music was becoming clear. By his third date, 1965’s “Components,” Hutcherson’s authority over the music became established.

From then on, he was writing a substantial number of the compositions on each date and the music was not limited by one style or genre, giving him ample opportunities to offer new work, up-tempo pieces, and ballads. An exceptional writer, Hutcherson had a wonderful approach on ballads and an unparalleled ability to use sustaining notes to move and blend in ways that almost completely disguise the mallet’s attack. There is never an doubt when you are hearing Hutcherson, his style is that distinctive.

A Who’s Who Of Collaborators

On these dates, Hutcherson plays alongside nothing but the most brilliant musicians from the era, including Grant Green, Duke Pearson, Bob Cranshaw, Al Harewood, Freddie Hubbard, Sam Rivers, Andrew Hill, Richard Davis, Joe Chambers, James Spaulding, Ron Carter, McCoy Tyler, Herbie Lewis, Billy Higgins, Albert Stinson, Stanley Cowell, Reggie Workman, Harold Land, Chick Corea, Reggie Johnson, Joe Sample, John Williams, and Mickey Roker.

In a very short span, Bobby Hutcherson’s work declared him to be one of the most important voices on his instrument in the narrative of jazz and certainly one of the most important collaborators in forging the sound of that seminal decade. We are pleased and proud to give that era — with Hutcherson at the focal point — its due.

Eleven Classic Studio Albums on Seven CDs!

Joe Henderson, tenor sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; Grant Green, guitar; Duke Pearson, piano; Bob Cranshaw, bass; Al Harewood, drums.

Freddie Hubbard, trumpet; Sam Rivers, flute, soprano sax, tenor sax, bass clarinet; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, Andrew Hill, piano; Richard Davis, bass; Joe Chambers, drums.

Freddie Hubbard, trumpet; James Spaulding, flute, alto sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, marimba; Herbie Hancock, piano, organ, Ron Carter, bass, Joe Chambers, drums.

Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, Herbie Hancock, piano; Bob Cranshaw, bass; Joe Chambers, drums, vibes.

Joe Henderson, tenor sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; McCoy Tyner, piano; Herbie Lewis, bass; Billy Higgins, drums.

Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, Herbie Hancock, piano; Albert Stinson. Bass; Joe Chambers, drums.

James Spaulding, flute, alto sax, Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, Stanley Cowell, piano; Reggie Workman, bass; Joe Chambers, drums.

Harold Land, flute, tenor sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, Chick Corea, piano; Reggie Johnson, bass; Joe Chambers, drums.

Harold Land, tenor sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; Stanley Cowell, piano; Reggie Johnson, bass; Joe Chambers, drums.

Harold Land, flute, tenor sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes; Stanley Cowell, piano; Reggie Johnson, bass; Joe Chambers, drums.

Harold Land, flute, oboe, tenor sax; Bobby Hutcherson, vibes, marimba, percussion; Joe Sample piano, electric piano, John Williams, bass; electric bass, Mickey Roker, drums.

Astonishing Audio Quality

The sonic clarity is thrilling. Mastered from hi-res files of the original analog masters by Andreas Meyer. Thanks to current 24 bit/192 hKz technology and dramatic improvement in analog to digital converters, the sound on this set is far superior to any previous CD issues and is astonishingly close to that of audiophile vinyl.

Our set features 76 recordings on seven CDs, and includes 1 previously unissued tune, 7 previously unissued alternate takes.

Essay and Track-By-Track Analysis

This limited edition box set includes our deluxe Mosaic booklet featuring a complete discography, plus an essay and track-by-track analysis by Bob Blumenthal. Bob Blumenthal has been writing jazz criticism since 1969 and has contributed to numerous publications. He has received Grammy Awards for Best Album Notes and the Jazz Journalists Association’s Excellence in Newspaper, Magazine, or Online Feature or Review Writing Award and Jazz Journalism Lifetime Achievement Award.

36 Stunning Photographs

At Blue Note recording sessions in the ’50s and ’60s, Francis Wolff was building an archive of great photographic value and a visual documentation of jazz history unmatched at any other record company. His ability to light, frame and capture a shot was astonishing. The 11″ x 11″ full sized booklet showcases many superb Francis Wolff photos from the actual sessions courtesy of Blue Note records.

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